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Eric Pulier has been one of the most resilient IT entrepreneurs and philanthropists of his time who is currently working on big plans for his company vAtomic Systems. Moving from cloud computing into turning gaming apps into big disruptors in the business world, Pulier believes every failure he’s had has been the door to a new success. Pulier has always been a creative individual and innovator who has spoken publicly and written columns and books for both business and social publications. Pulier also has been supportive of young people and has been a mentor and a father to some of them.

Eric Pulier is originally from Teaneck, NJ and he’s understood the ins and outs of computers from an early age. When he was only in high school he actually started his own database company and earned acceptance to Harvard and MIT, two of the nation’s most prestigious universities. He graduated from Harvard with a BA in literature and got his BS in IT from MIT. He moved out to Los Angeles just a few years later and brought a team of people together to form People Doing Things, later known as Digital Evolution.

Pulier attracted many top brands and executives to Digital Evolution and even served government agencies. He was chosen to start the Presidential Technology Exhibition which included a display of futuristic computer technology known as “Bridge to the 21st Century.” In 1998 Pulier’s company was bought by US Interactive LLC and he began building even bigger platforms. Pulier’s three biggest companies formed during this time were Akana, Desktone and ServiceMesh. Akana became a product suite for SOA-based software that’s now owned by Rogue Wave, and Desktone and ServiceMesh became bought out by VMware and the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Pulier joined several other software developers in 1998 to start Starbright World. This was a project that included social media at children’s hospitals and had live simulations and interaction platforms for Various Patients. He also joined the board of innovators and offered input for projects at XPrize, a science initiative founded by Peter Diamandis. Pulier is also technology advisor to the Painted Turtle.

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